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All about Boog brand!

What is Boog Brand?
Boog Brand is the brainchild of a bored engineer and graphic artist who was tired of seeing the same old graphic tees floating around the interwebs and stores.  When so many people just sit on the things they love we chose to bring these fun ideas to the world.

Why did we choose Boog for our name?
Good question, we decided on the name boog because it represents one of the biggest memes floating about the internet at the time of our inception.  Its fun, its simple, and its memorable.  Everything a good brand should be!

Who is Boog Brand (really)?

Boog brand is really just two people at the moment.  Its myself (James) and my wife (Bridget).  We also have the our two kids, but they are too young to be helpful yet.  Im a mechanical engineer by trade, but graphic designer and wood worker for fun.  I have always been driven to be my own boss and create a successful business for myself.  Not because i dont enjoy working for other people, but because I dont enjoy trading time for money.  I would much rather offer a tangible product to the masses and have my income directly tied to the amount and quality of work i do.  My wife has always been supportive of this dream and with her help, we are now making this come true for our family.

Why shirts?
Why not!  No seriously why not.  Graphic tees never go out of style.  So long as people have an opinion or a sense of humor graphic tees are always going to be needed.  The thing is though, that everyone is selling the same designs all over the place.  Yeah you can get a cool graphic tee from Amazon.  Hell it will probably even be cheaper, and it most likely will arrive faster.  All that said it also wont be that unique, because about a million other people own the exact same shirt.  It also wont have the same quality.  Our process of manufacturing is in no way perfect, but it is among the highest quality available to a small operation like ours.  We also guarantee you will absolutely love the products we sell.  We dont just sell these items, we wear them.  If we dont believe in a design, we dont release it for sale.
What would you like to say to your customers?
First and foremost, we want to say thank you!  Your support and patronage is what keeps this business running.  Every shirt you buy brings us closer to growth, and with that growth, more charity.  We pride ourselves on the charities we donate to on a personal level, and as the business scales, we look forward to doing even more for these organizations.  
Second, if there is anything you are looking for specifically that you cannot find, please reach out.  We not only want to provide you with what we like, we want to provide you with what you want.  We are have full graphic design capabilities in house, and our manufacturing process allows us to do small batches or even single shirts.  Boog brand would like to be your one stop shirt shop, and that is no boast.

Boog Brand, boogbrand.com, the BOOG logo, and all associated graphically designed materials are copyrighted material and operate under trademark of JBSR Limited Liability Company.