As we continue to get things back to normal here at Boog Brand we thank each and every one of you for your patience. Along with reducing our lead times even further, we had an awesome episode of Open Mic this last Friday with Mark from Fit'n Fire.  A few more tweaks this week we hope will make the stream even better. Our fifth episode of the show will go live on YouTube Friday August 21st at 8:00pm CST over on our youtube channel

Come join us as me and Tyler of Tundra Tactical do our very best to have something that resembles intelligent conversation that nobody actually cares about.

You can also view the live stream here as it will be simulcast.

We are also uploading these episodes in audio format, currently we are available on these services, so be sure to add us to your listening lineup.

Open Mic on Spotify

Open Mic on Pocket Cast

Open Mic on Radio Public

Open Mic on Breaker

Open Mic on Google Podcast

Open Mic on Overcast

Our upcoming schedule is currently as follows. 

08/21 - Tyler of Tundra Tactical


08/28 - Edgar from X MilitaryCriminal

09/04 - Yehuda Remer

09/11 - 9/11 Tribute Video

09/18 - TBD

09/25 - Brandon Herrera (the AK guy)