Our episode 12 Guest is one half of the dynamic duo that is We Skeem. Of course the other half im referring to is the mask. Today we only get his voice, but we are perfectly okay with that. We Skeem is a youtube reactor as well as artist himself whom wants the focus to be on the idea of the artist rather than the artist themself. 

If you are not familiar with We Skeem please , check his youtube out here https://www.youtube.com/weskeem and be sure to go sub to the man over on instagram @weskeem you can also support Skeem by going to his website at www.weskeem.com 

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Our upcoming schedule is currently as follows. 

10/16 - We Skeem

10/23 - Scott of Precision Holsters 


10/30 - yet to be confirmed 

11/06 - post election coverage and guest...TBD 

For the most up to date listing of upcoming guests please visit https://www.boogbrand.com/blog.asp