It’s been a long productive week for us here at Boog Brand. Along with reducing our lead times again as well as getting out a bunch of customer orders we have finalized a good bit of the Open Mic with Boog Brand podcast. Some of that which was completed was scheduling. Our first show will go live on YouTube on Saturday July 25th at 8:00pm CST over on our youtube channel


our first guest is none other than our favorite Instagram gun bunny himself @thebrokenassianguns


You can also view the live stream which will be simulcast here. In just a few weeks we will also begin uploading these podcasts in audio format to all major podcast hosts so when that happens be sure to head on over there as well and help us out by adding us to your listening line up. 


Our upcoming schedule is currently as follows. 


07/25 - TuFu aka Thebrokenasianguns aka The Patron saint of Chimichanga 

07/31 - Josh and Josh aka Black Diamond Guns and Gear

08/07 - Hypoluxia (cohost of Tundra Nation - formerly Tundra Tactical Live Stream)

08/14 - Mark of Fit N Fire 

08/21 - Tyler of Tundra Tactical


08/28 - currently booking